To-date I’ve gotten about 991 downloads of my Mahjong title from the WP7 marketplace – not bad for a title with no trial, no free mode, and $2 price tag.  My initial reason for that was (a) unlike my other games I couldn’t find a good trial limitation, and (b) given the 3D nature of it, I was curious to see if it would come across as more of a “premium” title.  All things considered, I’m happy with the results given that it was about 2 weeks of ‘off’ time over christmas break.

About three weeks ago, I switched it to $.99 as a test.  You’ll notice from the graph below, which is sourced from my own tracking data, that the change didn’t really make a big difference, bumping up maybe 2 or 3 sales per day.

So: I’ve bumped the price back up to $2, and am trying something new: I’ve just posted an ad-based free version of it, seen here.  It’ll be interesting to see how that fares.