I’ve finished powering through the last set of v0.3 issues and have officially completed it and am ready to move on to phrase 0.4.  First though, a quick list of what was done in phase 3:

Binary aggro – mobs hate player, mobs don’t hate each other
melee weapons
Mobs attack/defend
Basic attack/defend flow in place (attack/dodge/block/parry/hit/dodamage/takedamage)
Attack takes E/As into account and stacks multiples as needed”
Basic AI.  Mob visibility. Basic aggro (see player; hate them and go after them)
Monsters are read from xlsx
Monsters are placed in the appropriate dungeon level and rarity
Emoting (aggro, damage, fear etc)
One player class implemented (int/str/dex)
XP and leveling infrastrucutre in place (but no rewards for levels).
Dialog for leveling.
Mob-level-specific XP rewards (+ % for uncommon/rare/unique0
Player death (no animation)
3 initial skills for one player class added to support UI.
Primary stats: Int, Str, Dex, HP, MaxHP
UseSkill action
Real (but basic) dungeon layout
Items are placed at appropriate level
Movement with CAB
AI movement (tap on space with wall in the way – moves around wall)
Potions and Scrolls from event/action system
Explore (AI movement to nearest unexplored space)
mouse-over on entities (mobs, items) in the tilemap to get details
mobs and items metadata pulled from spreadsheet
Text.Write added.  Wraps. Monospace 8bit font. Colored
Some mob idle animatons in place
Some mob walk animations in place
ActorTalk and ActorEmote animations
Mobs obey partitioning (drop from active list if path to player is > their max ‘follow’ path length.
Tiles loaded from full spritesheets
Buttons properly handle focus in-out (on press & drag-out)
All interfaces present but empty – ready to fill out
Skill buttons (RGB) are usable (but are limited to 3 fake skills – don’t change)
CAB state machine complete and in place
CAB is interactive and updates
Character sheet, item inventory, etc implemented in mockup form
Ability to delete gameslots (X buttons under slot buttons)
A couple of menu pages have mockup art
Particle/Light editor
Vault editor
Settings UI with placeholder
Multi-select pickup (when multiple items in cell)

New demos uploaded!

I’ve uploaded new demos for both PC and Mac and will update the links over there –> once they’re accepted.  Check back soon!

Phase 4: A real roguelike

I do love starting a new phase as it lets me do a bunch of fun stuff up front.  That said, this particular phase will be the most grudging as it consists of me paying down tech debt I’ve been building up, and turning 7yrl into a real (albeit unbalanced)  roguelike.  There are a bunch of things to do, but I’ll be glad once they’re done and behind me so that I can start focusing on Phase 5 where I get to extend beyond ‘vanilla’ roguelikes and bring in less common features; Crafting, Professions, and Skills.