I spent my spare coding hours over the last few days investigating installers for Windows and Mac.  On Windows I leveraged WiX which is simultaneously a life safer and a leading cause of developer suicides; but it works.  Mac is a bit more esoteric as my Xamarin license doesn’t currently include Mac (and for $249 it’ll be a while), which means I have to deal with including Mono myself, and my non-Windows build experience is non-existent.  So: I now have a Windows installer, but Mac will have to wait a bit longer.

Here’s what you can do in the alpha:

  • Precious little.  This isn’t intended to be playable or fun – it’s just testing out infrastructure.  You can move around, single-shot mobs, see the pretty shadows, pick and and equip items, and ascend/descend levels.  All the trademarks of any AAA game!
  • You can move using arrow keys, tap to move, or clicking on the primary CAB button (upper right corner) to Explore (which currently ignores mobs and items and just explores until the map is full).  You can also use the CAB buttons to do other things like pick up items, equip them, and ascend/descend stairs.
  • Main keys: arrow keys to move, enter to perform primary cab action, 1 or 2 to perform skills 1 or 2. I, T, S, C to bring up various panes.  “-” and “+” zoom in and out a bit.

Here’s what you can’t do in the alpha:

  • Pretty much anything.  But why would you want to?

Hopefully that’ll change in time…

Here’s a link to the alpha demo. Run it like any other MSI and it’ll install into prog files with a desktop icon to launch it (and you can uninstall it using the standard Windows uninstall programs UI). Note that it may pop the Smartscreen warning when you try to run it; click ‘more info’ and then ‘run anyways’ to bypass it.

7YRL (Seven Year Roguelike) pre-pre-pre-alpha demo

(If that isn’t working yet, you can also find it here: http://www.wanderlinggames.com/7yrl/7yrlalpha.msi. )

If you try it out, let me know how it works!