I’ve added the Skill selector placeholder UI.  It’s not much to look at, but this does complete the v0.2 phase!


How much more is there to do?


A bit :).  Gray text = complete, black text = incomplete.

Here are the high level goals of each phase:

Phase 0.1 (done):

  • Can explore dungeon; basic graphics;
  • Ccore systems in place and ready for extension.
  • Shadows working in prototype form.
  • Everything is obviously placeholder art.

Phase 0.2 (done):

  • Event/Action system fully functional
  • Basic interfaces (noninteractive)
  • Multiple levels in dungeon supported (all fake data)
  • Dungeon partitioned for perf
  • CAB interface is functional

Phase 0.3 (up next.  When complete = first alpha):

  • Game is basically playable (as a super-simple roguelike with shadows).  Starts to look like a real game
  • Real dungeon generation (basic)
  • real mobs added with uber-basic AI
  • Full attack/defend flow
  • Inventory is usable

Phase 0.4:

  • Crafting system mostly done
  • Crafting in place; items, skills, augmentations
  • Professions
  • Classes and Class skills
  • Item augmentation
  • Buffs & Debuffs
  • Vaults

Phase 0.5 (when complete = first beta):

  • Monsters are hard.  Starts to be a fun game
  • Real aggro & visibility
  • Monsters are intelligent (smart AI and use skills)
  • Packs
  • Pets and charming
  • Final attack/defend – all weapons, stats, resistances etc implemented

Phase 0.6:

  • Dungeon fleshed out (themes, improved generation, tile effects, …).  Starts to look like a great game
  • Basic Tutorial and Help
  • Financial model complete
  • Endgame in place
  • Particles everywhere
  • Graphics look great

Phase 0.7 (when complete = RTM)

  • Ready to ship
  • Gameplay is balanced
  • Menus look good
  • Full keyboard support

I’ve generally stuck to that schedule so far, but have reached out and built features for future phases from time to time.  I’m sure it will morph and that I’ll add Phase 0.8 and 0.9 before hitting 1.0.

Here’s a link to the full XLSX as of 12/22 (I won’t be keeping the remote copy up to date, so it’ll probably be out of date by the time anyone reads this): http://www.wanderlinggames.com/7yrl/7yrlTODO-12-22-2103.xlsx