I’ve broken up the coding into a large number of phases (and will likely further subdivide it) for a variety of reasons; e.g. ensuring I’m seeing the forest instead of just trees (don’t forget things), keeping myself honest (don’t ignore/postpone ‘chore’ tasks).  Primarily though, it’s to keep things fun.  Before yesterday, my short-term todo list looked like this:

  • Ensure inventory is persisted
  • need different background for charinfo
  • Show focus rect
  • PixelStrings need to support TextWrapping
  • display item description.  add couple of samples to xlsx
  • BUG: Drop item, doesn’t appear on ground
  • BUG: Close and reopen inventory – should clear last selected
  • Inventory – Add item actions: equip, drop, destroy, drink, read, etc.
  • After equipping an item: show “unequip” button, remove from grid, leave as detail.
  • On unequip, add back into the grid.
  • BUG: Equipping/unequipping keeps adding to inventory
  • When equipping an item that replaces an already equipped item, the newly unequipped item should take the same place in the actor’s inventory as where the newly equipped item used to be
  • Bug: on unequip, set focus to unequipped item
  • BUG: hide focusrect after equipping item
  • Show/hide inventory pane.  display items in a list, super simple.  need to figure out actions on those items in the pane
  • Refactor playerinfo pane to include item actions and player info
  • resizing/scaling seems totally broken at times
  • drop two items on cell; save, restore – can’t pick them up
  • drop last item in inventory – focusrect doesn’t go away
  • Add Texture to TileDefn
  • Add empty tomes & skill selector panels
  • Fix persistence (asreference set to default)

Ugh.  Mostly a bunch of “chore” tasks (i.e. bug fixes and things that users don’t really see).  Glad I completed them all, but I wasn’t looking forward to doing them.

Now though, I’m in a new phase which means I have a veritable smorgasbord of things to work on that I’ve been looking forward to for a while; e.g.:

  • Add ActorEmotes
  • Portrait mode
  • Add 3 Skills
  • Basic dungeon generation
  • Real Attack/Defend flow
  • Place monsters by level
  • Implement basic player classes

Christmas has come early! 🙂