Busy few nights since I last posted.  Over the last few days I’ve added a good number of features, most of them in the ‘prove out the infrastructure so it’s okay that it looks bad’ phase.  Here’s the 1000 word version:Progress

Let’s see;

  • Added Health bar; displays as cur/max text (top center of image).  Will change to be a visual display later.
  • Added Buffs bar (also top center).  Displays the player’s buffs/debuffs as well as the lifetime remaining for each.  Above, the player has a burning buff (from stepping in the firepit cell) for 3 more turns
  • I went ahead and populated all of the item tiles.  I’m using Oryx’s for the in-map (8×8) and Ails’ 420 set for the out-of-map representation.  I’m hoping that the combination of 8- and 16-bit (ish) graphics is a net positive and not distracting, but time will tell.  It definitely does seem to make things look better – the ‘darkedge’ axe above  is from Ails’ set – displaying Oryx’s 8×8 there looked distractingly pixely to me…
  • You can also see the population of items in the pic above, showing daggers, chest armor, scrolls, bows, and more. Items have both a SmallTileDefn and LargeTileDefn per above.
  • Added the button bar on the left side for opening inventory, charpanel, skills, tomes.  I’m not sure yet how I’ll expose these controls in the final UI, but this will work for now.
  • Added Equip and unequip actions.  After clicking “pickup” in the primary CAB slot in the picture above, the secondary slot’s action becomes ‘equip’:


And then clicking that equips the item and changes the secondary CAB action to unequip:


  • How do I know the items were successfully equipped?  Because I added the character info panel!  Clearly invitro UI, but proves the infrastructure is working


Those are the big ticket additions; a bunch of other minor stuff as well – here’s the full change log:

== Sat 12/21 ==
* PixelStrings can be moved without recreating them
* BUG: Don’t do worldturns while dialog modal is showing
! show Char pane with equipped items

== Fri 12/20 ==
! Populated all of the item spritesheets, both little and big tiles, and the xlsx
* Added ItemDefns (potions etc) to the xlsx and xformer
* Added concept of non-pickupable items (eg tombstones)
* Decouple Rand for animations/time-based so that they don’t screw with generation etc
! Cells with multiple items should just render the top one
! render a “+” icon if there is > 1 item. Implement as a special item that is added/removed as the contents change.
* queue keypresses while transitioning

== Thu 12/19 ==
* Items
* Add icon for ‘explore’
* add equip and unequip actions
* Add ‘pickup’ animation (just the ‘dip’ idle frame).
* Figure out model/app split for Actions.
* BUG:scale window – controlpanel doesn’t
! Add prototype InfoPanel: show health (cur and max) and bufftiles
! Add bufftiles to infopanel and lifetime count under bufftiles
* BUG:Burning buff doesn’t always go away when restoring; gets stuck in odd mode
* BUG:still drawing tombstones when item is in tile
* Add control for other buttons (inv, char, tomes, …)

== WED 12/18 ==
* when step on item, update CAB to be “pick up item” and show the item
* Updated secondary cabslot display
* Added overlays properly to cab slots
* Add Center alignment to pixelstring and center cabslot text
* Tap on ‘pickup’ in primary slot – doesn’t; does movetotile instead
* Single-item Pick up and drop.  trigger events.  add to inventory.  remove from cell

And that’ll do it.  Up next will be inventory pane (in vitro UI ala the character pane).