The Inventory Pane now adds actions including “drop” as well as actions based on the item type; equip, drink, read, etc:


Dropping works, as does equipping – however, I need to figure out what to do in the inventory screen when the user equips something.  Should the item just disappear?  That would force the user to switch over to the Character Pane if they had an ‘oops’ moment; so I could potentially remove it from the inventory grid, but still leave it selected along with “unequip” as an action.  However, would not seeing it in the inventory be confusing?

Nah, that should be fine.  I’ll do it that way.

Oh yeah, and this update also includes the ability to specify wrapping for PixelStrings.

And yes, the icons are placeholders :).  As are the item slots in the grid.  And the close button.  And the inventory dialog itself.  And…