That’s a lot of flaming skulls

Fun day:

  • Particle generators and Light sources can now be attached to mobs at the definitional level.  I have an xlsx that defines just about everything in the game, and a c# tool that transforms the xlsx (via LinqToExcel) into a persisted binary stream (via Protobuf-net) which I then read in from the game (again via Protobuf).  All I have to do now is specify a light source and/or particle generator in the mob’s definition in the xlsx, and it’ll automatically be added to the mob when the mob is created
  • I got major perf improvements by culling mobs and lights based on viewport visibility.  Perf is currently acceptable for launch.
  • Tiles are now animated, with a 4-cycle walk animation, and 4 independent idle animations (e.g. look left/right) which are randomly triggered when not moving.
  • Multiple levels (ascending/descending) work perfectly

And here’s a movie showing it in action (sorry, not embedded):