I’m still pondering the right way to incorporate real-time Animations in with a turn-based system.  While that’s percolating, I did a bit of miscellaneous cleanup:

  • When the player targets an empty cell for an AoE skill, display the Cell background and Adornment (if any) in the targeting dialog
  • Slight refactoring to Cell.Render to handle how AoE range is rendered over out-of range cells (thanks animaleante!)
  • Actors regen health each turn (‘n’ turns after performing the last action).  This was just adding some health directly each turn; I refactored that to use the Event (and eventually Buff) system.  This will allow things like Levels that disallow any healing (including regen).
  • I cleaned up the DecideNextAction/PerformNextAction stuff a bit in anticipation of figuring out the Turn/Animation issue.

Here’s what the AoE targeting UX looks like when the area of effect falls outside the range of the Skill:

I’ve got vacation coming up next week (sunny Cabo San Lucas, hallelujah! 🙂 ) –  I’m hoping to resolve the Turn/Animation issue this week so that I can focus on more fun aspects of the Dungeon :).

Here’s the code and exe:

Updated source: http://wanderlinggames.com/files/dungeon/dungeon-4-19-11.zip

Updated executable: http://wanderlinggames.com/files/dungeon/dungeonexe-4-19-11.zip