Not much time to work on the Dungeon today, but was able to make some progress on AoE target (cell) selection for AoE skills. This is requiring some nontrivial (but not unexpected) tweaking to specifying Skill targets – before I was passing a GameObject, but now an AoE  Skill can impact multiple targets.  This has also caused a bit of refactoring in event Animations, causing me to move the animation into the Action definitions (in addition to the higher level Events being able to specify animations), and adding support for both success and failure animations.

Here’s what the definition for an AoE “Ice Storm” skill looks like:

    <Skill Id="Priest3" Level="1" Name="Ice Storm" Tile="Skill_IceStorm" Description="Blast a group of targets with ice">
      <Event Type="UseSkill" SelfSuccessAnimation="Rainbow">
        <DoDamage Target="Cell" Amount="4+1d2" Range="3" AoERange="2"
                  OnSuccessText="A bolt of ice hits the {target} for {amount}"
                  TargetSuccessAnimation="IceBolt" TargetFailureAnimation="IceBoltFail" />

Note that an AoE skill has both Range (how far away the Skill can be applied) and AoERange (the range of impact of the Skilll when used).

Here’s what the AoE selection currently looks like.  It highlights the AoE range of impact in yellow:

No code as there remain many issues with the Animation refactoring and target refactoring…