Up another 5 in the list of all WP7 marketplace apps to #60.  #29 in the list of all free games, which means it finally appears “above the fold” in the Zune top apps list on my 24″ monitor :).

Yes, it’s more popular than not only YouTube, but people apparently like the game more than they like Sexy Babes.  FREE ones, even!

I’m apparently going to need to spend a little more time on it; the latest review says “Been playing mahjong for years and I am completely stuck on the second puzzle for a badge, been literally playing it ALL day and just can’t seem to get past it, is this thing set to expert???”.  On the one hand; awesome that he’s playing it all day ;-).  On the other hand, not awesome that it’s so hard (I’ve noticed the same thing).  I’m going to look into updating the table generation code to place tiles in a guaranteed winnable fashion (placing the tiles by basically playing it backwards).  It’ll also give me an excuse to drop a “my other games” button onto the main menu ;-).

So, that’ll likely take the bulk of my “free” time this weekend, and Dungeon won’t get as much love…