I’ve worked out the last few kinks in single-mob target selection, although I’ve turned up a bug in the Animations that I need to track down (specifically: if you fire off the same animation twice in quick succession, it fails to remove the emitter from the system; some ref-counting issue somewhere…).

In order to minimize the amount of thumb movement while playing, the ContextualActionBar and SkillsBar work together:

  • Performing a Skill on a target mob selects that mob into the ContextualActionBar
  • Performing a skill from the SkillBar now sets the secondary skill in the ContextualActionBar to the same skill
  • Selecting a Skill from the SkillBar when there’s a target in the ContextualActionBar automatically selects that target for offensive skills (i.e. doesn’t open the targeting dialog

Here’s what it looks like after clicking on the skill in the skillbar and selecting the target:

Here’s the code and exe:

Updated source: http://wanderlinggames.com/files/dungeon/dungeon-4-15-11.zip

Updated executable: http://wanderlinggames.com/files/dungeon/dungeonexe-4-15-11.zip