Bunch of minor tweaks to the Target selection dialog/process; it’s working for Single-mob targets and most of the code is there for AoE effects, but I have a little ways to go before it’s done.  Here’s what it looks like now:

Of note:

  • I’ve removed the “previous” button – I don’t think it’ll get used.  This leaves the dialog unbalanced; something to fix later (perhaps with an “Info” button that brings up an Info dialog for the selected mob)
  • I’m highlighting out-of-range and invalid selection (e.g. wall) cells in Red.
  • I’ve made a number of tweaks to the selection logic; e.g. tracking the last selected mob, using and updating the ContextualActionBar’s selected mob, etc.

Still todo:

  • I’ve reached the point where I need to be able to inject values into event text messages.  For instance, the text for the Bolt of Light skill will be something akin to “A bolt of light hits {target} for {amount}.”  I need to be able to dynamically replace those {} values; I could pull that out of the Action.Info field, but that gets interesting for Events that have multiple Actions.  Requires more thought…
  • I’ve somehow managed to break the data-driven Animations :).  I’ll get that fixed tonight and do a code drop then.