Currently, Skills can only be used against the “Self” target – e.g. you can cast a Heal spell on yourself, but not on another Actor.  I’m extending Event Targets to include SingleMob, Cell (for Area of Effect skills), and later “Item” (e.g. for identify).  Bunch of random infrastructure for this and some design work.  I’m probably 80% done with the SingleMob target work, and 50% done with AoE.

To demo the UX, I’ve added a new “Bolt of Light” skill which does damage to a SingleMob target.  Here’s what you see when you perform that skill:

One of the challenges with the UX is that I’m trying to support the ability for the user to play the game with minimal finger movement (I don’t want to force them to change how they’re holding the phone every time they use a skill).  Simultaneously, I want them to be able to tap-to-select if so desired.  The above UX should support either model…

I’m hoping to get at least the SingleMob targeting done tonight and will drop some code at that point.