I had to get up at 1:30 this morning and work pretty much straight through to get it done, but I’m done!  I’ve just posted the update to my 3D Mahjong game which adds a whole new game mode and “Badges” (the non-LIVE equivalent of Xbox LIVE Achievements).  I’m hoping this’ll help drive (a) usage [read: ad$] and (b) more user affinity.  At this point, the game is about as close as you can get to a WP7 LIVE title without actually hooking into LIVE…

Related: the free version is now up to #49 of all Games, and #90 of all applications on WP7.  Yep, I’ve cracked the top 100!  This is pretty awesome, and the following shows how it’s now more popular than Assassin’s Creed ;-).

Here’s what the badge album/”champion mode” looks like:

The free and paid versions have been submitted, and so now the waiting game begins (although MS is pretty fast).  After that, it’s praying-and-hoping time that I didn’t miss some major bug :P.

Anyways, from a 7yrl POV this means that (a) I can focus on it more again, and (b) I’ve now got a global Badges system that I can leverage here when I get to it.