Random stats about my WP7 games.


My Windows Phone 7 games are doing pretty well:


Wow – no wonder Google’s so big.  My 3D Mahjong game is pulling in around 9,500 impressions per day with an eCPM of around $15.  Doing the math: it’s pulling in around $150 per day from ads alone!  That’s almost an order of magnitude more than the $1 version (without ads) is making.  Today it’ll cross the $1k earned mark for April.  I really, really wish I’d converted to Ads sooner ;-)…

Driftwood Solitaire is doing okay (~$15 per day from ads), but nowhere near as good. Clearly 3D is the way to go; I’ve wracked my brain for ways to take the 3D Mahjong engine and crank out some other 3D tile-based game, but can’t think of anything :P…

Some charts – first, impressions per day over the last month:

And second, revenue per day.

Is it really any wonder why I’m cranking so hard on getting the Badges into Mahjong? ;).

And a random note: Wuff, it’s both really nice and really painful to read the comments people leave about your game!