I’m trying to avoid the temptation to sprint ahead to the next shiny object (in this case, Buffs/debuffs and Skills), and to keep the existing systems as close to ship-ready as possible.  With that in mind, what little time I had today to work on this went to bugfixing.  In particular:

  • When a bunch of attacks happen quickly, the floating combat text overlapped pretty badly.  I’ve reduced it by enforcing a minimum distance between messages.  It’s not perfect, but good enough for “v1”.
  • Determined that I was duplicating Cell contents on load; fixed that.
  • Selected Monsters in the ContextualActionBar are rendered to face the same way that they do in the map.
  • The KilledActor event wasn’t firing; I moved into TakeDamage and out of Action_MeleeAttack so that any damage that resulted in a kill would fire the event.
  • Few more tweaks to the turn management and sequencing.  When there are aggro’ed monsters around, the player shouldn’t be able to Explore (although they can still tap-to-move and attack).  There was a bug where the player wasn’t moving in this situation, but the turn still ‘counted’ so the monsters around it got a chance.  Fixed that so that tapping Explore is a no-op in this situation
  • Last time I added a tweak so that when there are multiple monsters around, tapping ‘explore’ would iterate between them.  The thinking was that this would allow the user to easily select a different mob without having to pin-point select them in the tilegrid.  Unfortunately, I was running through that toggle even when attacking.  fixed that…

Updated source: http://wanderlinggames.com/files/dungeon/dungeon-4-3-11.zip

Updated executable: http://wanderlinggames.com/files/dungeon/dungeonexe-4-3-11.zip