Tonight I added the ability to smoothly zoom into or out of the map display by ‘pinching’ the screen.  The size of the mobile screen makes it hard to walk a line between not having enough on the screen, and having enough but being too small.  Hopefully the ability to zoom will allow the player to figure out what works best for them :).

Here are some shots at various zoom levels:


I also added zooming to the Windows version, although since there’s no multitouch you can’t pinch to zoom – use the “+” and “-” keys.

Zooming in the emulator was added by leveraging the multitouch simulator component that Josh Snider posted here.  Quite convenient and easy to integrate for testing purposes.   To zoom in the emulator, press the ‘N’ key and tap once to ‘place’ the first finger; then click and drag to place and drag the second finger.  If it doesn’t appear to work, then press your pause/break key to toggle the emulator’s keyboard handler.

I also fixed a bug with the turnmgr and am now persisting the wieldedweapon.

Updated source:

Updated executable: