The WP7 Ad control is currently… twitchy.  Lots of challenges with integrating it, including obtuse error codes (“An unexpected error occurred during response processing (Name: ECN)”) and of course it’s still new, so there’s not a lot of hard data/examples out there.  Combine that with the fact that it seems to only rarely serve any ads and you’ve got a recipe for posting a game in which you believe ads are working, but they’re not.  And that’s what happened to me (d’oh!).

The number of Free downloads easily eclipsed the number of paid downloads in just a couple of days.  Too bad I’m not making any money off of those ><.

I’ve submitted an updated version of it, but it required about three hours of fighting with the ad control on Monday night (make a change, run the app 20 times to see if I hit upon the magic combination of proper code and of it properly serving an ad). And no, test mode does not help with this.  On top of that, although I’ve seen ads displaying in the game, I have yet to see a second ad display after requesting a new one; so I have no idea if I’m going to now have a game which gives one impression per run, and no way to really know (damnit it).

Ah well.