Per my last post, the DigCorridor function has bugged me, so I got around to rewriting it.  I’m much happier with the new function – bugs notwithstanding, it should function for just about any corridor-generating function I create.  While I was at it, I extracted the digging functionality out into a “DiggerGnome” class.  Partially to have fun with it, but also because I can see a world in which the corridor digging mechanism can be altered without altering the rest of the dungeon generation.  For instance, if the RoomGenerator is a “CaveRoomGenerator” type deal, then the Digger object could actually vary its path in a nonlinear fashion to be more appropriate to that level.  Similarly, imagine a pet that the player could have which digs quasi-randomly – a “drunk gnome” for instance :).

        // Note: curDirection is future-proofing; I can imagine a world in which we have nonlinear diggers.  Imagine a drunk diggergnome, for instance 🙂
        public void Dig(int startX, int startY, Direction startingDirection, int requiredDigDistance, bool continueDiggingAfterRequiredDistanceUntilHitFloor)
            // Foreman: "Hey you, wake up!"
            // Gnome: "*snort* Huh? Wha'?"
            // Foreman: "Stand over there and face this way!"
            // Gnome: "*grumble*" <Starts shuffling over>
            int curX = startX;
            int curY = startY;
            Direction curDirection = startingDirection;

            // Foreman: "Alright you, start digging, and don't stop for anything until you've dug that far!
            //           After that, I may want you to keep digging until you complete the tunnel..."
            // Foreman: "And you're not done until I *say* you're done!"
            bool doneDigging = false;

            // Gnome: "*mutter*" <Picks up pickaxe, starts hacking away>
                // Forman: "Dig here!"
                _targetMap.Cells[curX, curY] = new Cell_Floor();

                // Foreman: "Hey, make sure you shore up these walls, you maggot!"
                // Gnome: <eyes foreman's back, fingers pick edge> "*grumble*"
                if (curDirection == Direction.Left || curDirection == Direction.Right)
                    _targetMap.PaintCellIfEmpty(curX, curY - 1, new Cell_Wall());
                    _targetMap.PaintCellIfEmpty(curX, curY + 1, new Cell_Wall());
                    _targetMap.PaintCellIfEmpty(curX - 1, curY, new Cell_Wall());
                    _targetMap.PaintCellIfEmpty(curX + 1, curY, new Cell_Wall());

                // Foreman: "Alright, ease up - let's see if you've dug far enough yet..."
                // Gnome: *sneers* <plops down and leans against the cave wall>
                if (requiredDigDistance <= 0)
                    // Foreman: <checks tunnel plan on paper> "Hmm, seems like you've dug the required distance - *finally*"
                    // Gnome: <starts to get up and head back to the start of the tunnel>
                    if (continueDiggingAfterRequiredDistanceUntilHitFloor)
                        // Foreman: "Hey! Where do you think you're going?  I didn't say you were done yet!  See if you broke through yet!"
                        // Gnome: *grumbles*
                        if ((curDirection != Direction.Right && _targetMap.Cells[curX - 1, curY].GetType() == typeof(Cell_Floor)) ||
                            (curDirection != Direction.Left && _targetMap.Cells[curX + 1, curY].GetType() == typeof(Cell_Floor)) ||
                            (curDirection != Direction.Down && _targetMap.Cells[curX, curY - 1].GetType() == typeof(Cell_Floor)) ||
                            (curDirection != Direction.Up && _targetMap.Cells[curX, curY + 1].GetType() == typeof(Cell_Floor)))
                            // Gnome: <gestures towards the light coming from in front of them and glares up at the foreman>
                            // Foreman: "Huh, we made it.  Must be my great management ability!"  
                            doneDigging = true;
                        doneDigging = true;

                if (!doneDigging)
                    // Foreman: "Alright you - keep moving, we're not done yet!"
                    switch (curDirection)
                        case Direction.Left: curX--; break;
                        case Direction.Right: curX++; break;
                        case Direction.Up: curY--; break;
                        case Direction.Down: curY++; break;

                    // <debug: needed since the bounding rect & circular room>
                    if (curX < 1 || curY < 1 || curX >= _targetMap.MapWidth - 1 || curY >= _targetMap.MapHeight - 1)

            } while (!doneDigging);

            // Foreman: "One more thing - make sure there aren't any un-shored up walls here.  Then you can skitter off"
            // Gnome: <climbs up from floor, mutters a curse at the foreman, and looks around>
            for (int x = curX - 1; x <= curX + 1; x++)
                for (int y = curY - 1; y <= curY + 1; y++)
                    _targetMap.PaintCellIfEmpty(x, y, new Cell_Wall());

I’ll include the code in the next post, since it includes other stuff I’ve done tonight.